AdventureX Game Jamming With Cursed Penises

So, the AdventureX Game Jam is in full swing! It's the 11th day of the jam, four more to go, and we're gonna have to finish our visual novel about cursed penis inspection by Saturday. It is tentatively being called The Fall and Rise of Sadcock-upon-Avon.

What, you never heard of cursed penis inspection?

Apparently, people in medieval Europe liked to investigate penises. Kinda like today, but, shockingly, with more openness? Maybe? This article by Carissa Harris tells about how women in those times had the right to call for the annulment of their marriages if their husband was impotent. So, any time a woman formally accused her husband of suffering from impotence, the town court did what everyone in their right mind would do: call for witnesses to inspect by sight and touch the accused's penis.

Fast-forward to Saturday, November 14th 2020, and Luna, Rumpel, Camila and myself (Mariano) are racking our brains about what to do with the theme of the jam, which we're all hating: "A good time." But then Rumpel tells us about that article and before we know it we're sharing fucked-up medieval drawings of penises.

The picking of the Penis Tree, a species sadly extinct now

The Penis-Stealing Cat of legend

So we added some witchcraft to the mix, came up with a story, and started working on a visual novel using RenJS, the visual novel engine made by Luna. And we're doing great and having lots of fun.

Some of the characters: Agnes Nutt, Transfigura Cocknest, Sir Girthwain,
Sir Hurdyballocks, Bishop Sourbutt, Satanás

See you on Saturday, when we'll hopefully have the jam game ready and live!


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